The VisaScreen® certificate is provided by the CGFNS International and is needed by every healthcare professional (physician excluded) seeking to come work to the USA under a visa-based program. If you are not living in the USA yet or if you are but your visa does not allow you to work, you will need to get a VisaScreen®. Our Visa Resource service is designed to support you during the process of getting your certificate.


Any healthcare professionals seeking to work in the US is required to undergo a comprehensive screening program before receiving an occupational visa.

The screening process include an edu-cational assessment, licensure valida-tion, and English language proficiency evaluation. For nurses only, proof of completion of either the CGFNS qualifying exam, NCLEX or SBTP is required as well.


At American Career Horizons, we are qualified to assist you during each phase of the screening program allowing you to obtain the the VisaScreen® certificate. 


Upon completion of the screening program and requirements satisfaction, an ICHP certificate is delivered. (This certificate is valid for 5 years from the issuing date)


Congratulations! You can now start the process of immigration and ask for a permanent or temporary occupational visa!


Foreign professionals under one of these occupations categories can ask for a VisaScreen® certificate and therefore apply to our Visa Resource Services: 


Registered Nurse


Physical therapist 

Physician assistant 

Occupational therapist 


Speech Language pathologist 

Clinical  laboratory technician 

Clinical laboratory scientists