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The process of transferring a US Registered Nurse license from one state to another without having to re-take the N-CLEX is known as licensure by endorsement.

Our Nursing Licensure by Endorsement service concentrates specifically on transferring a registered nurse US license from a state to another and does not include other US territories. 


The licensing process varies from state to state. In order to guarantee the safe practice of nursing, the board of nursing of the state receiving the demand of endorsement verifies the eligibility of each applicant according to its particular requirements. Our mission is to ease the process by assisting you with  the educational, exam and licensure verification. 


This Service is open to all US Registered Nurses, internationally-trained or who graduated in the United-States.


As the very end of the process, a new nursing license is released from the board of nursing of the state concerned, authorizing the employ-ment of the holder. 

Congratulations ! 


An RN may choose to renew all the licenses acquired hence being authorized to work in several states. This may drastically increase the opportu-nities of employment, improve income and career development through rich work experiences 


The licensure by endorsement service is open to every registered nurse whom successfully passed the NCLEX examination and are currently holding an active license in their state of residence. 


A licensure by endorsement is worth considering if : 

  • You wish to pursue a traveling nursing (permanent or temporary) career 

  • You are living close to state borders 

  • You are living in a small state in the eastern part of the country 

A licensure by endorsement is man-datory if you are moving to another state out of the NLC agreement.

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