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A special certification is needed by every healthcare professional (physician excluded) seeking to come work to the USA under a visa-based program. If you are not living in the USA yet or if you are but your visa does not allow you to work, you will need to get this certification. Our Healthcare Professional Certification by Verification (HPCV) service is designed to support you during this process.

STEP 1Program a FREE "Information Appt" (Visa Resource) HERE

STEP 2: Ask for a Quote (if applicable) HERE


STEP 3: Sign your contract and proceed to payment 

Upon agreement of the quote you will receive your contract specifying the methods of payment along with an invoice. Please send back the contract dated and signed. Please issue the payment as instructed.

STEP 4: Welcome on board ! 

Upon reception of  payment, your process is officially started.

Relax and let us navigate you ! 

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